Invest in Yourself

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The Revolutionary Touch Therapy grand opening had been postponed in order for me to move in to my new home.  My calendar is now open for appointments starting in mid-October. Click here >>

After back-to-back days of loading and unloading; I, too, need a massage, a healthy home-cooked meal, a plane ticket to the Bahamas and my own personal assistant.  Moving is a great reminder to pace myself and not save too many tasks until the end.

My partner and I paid dearly in our bodies, emotions and had some rocky relationship moments.  Nothing brings out the inner ‘hissing cat’ in me like consecutive “ten hour” days of packing, moving and cleaning.  Especially, when my man is grunting and ‘ugh’ing’ while moving the heavier things.  A man slamming around furniture triggers a traumatized part of me.  Thankfully, we got wise and hired some helping hands in the end.  Money well spent.

Do you need to invest some money in self-care, too?  Massage time can set your world back on its feet again.


Sources: Personal Experience






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